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02 9868 1991

Nature Nature features an exciting blend of virtuoso didgeridoo playing by Henry Phineasa and flute, clarinet, and percussion by David McBurney. Their music is inspired by, and infused with, the sights and sounds of nature, it’s magnificence and many moods. Nature Nature performances have included the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the Paralympics, Parliament House, The Sydney Conservatorim of Music, and concerts for overseas and Australian Heads of State including one at Sydney’s City Recital Hall. Other examples of performances include corporate functions, prison concerts, fashion parades, Universities, Schools, rock events, and performances for the elderly and the very young. Recent media exposure includes an ABC TV and a BBC TV documentary and Australian and overseas radio specials.

Their most recent CD is “Nature Nature in Concert” which includes live tracks from the ABC TV concert. Henry makes all the bird and animal sounds on the didge, so what you hear on the CD is what you is what you hear when they play live! Previous recordings include “Bush Feast”, “Invitation” and “Escape”. Leading sound engineers James Cadsky, Midnight Oil’s Jim Moginie, Marcus Holden and Danny Golightly have worked on the recordings. The distinctive singing of Yi Nan is featured on several tracks from “In Concert” and “Bush Feast”. Nature Nature’s music has been played on a variety of radio stations including ABC Classic FM and rock station Triple J.

Henry and David met many years ago through their links with the Royal Blind Society (now Vision Australia), Henry as a client and David as the gardener.

Henry is an indigenous Australian and was a formidable sportsman and didgeridoo player well before he lost his sight in his early teens. He still plays blind cricket and his childhood didge lessons from his grandfather from age 7 have led to a lifelong relationship with the didge.

Dave too has been playing music since he was young. Nature is a big part of Dave’s life and music, he has always drawn a lot of his inspiration from his farm in the deep south of NSW and he is responsible for the Vision Australia’s fragrant garden project.


 "Bush Feast" is the most recent CD recorded in The Vault studio by James Cadsky and Jim Moginie with special guest Yi Nan singing

.The "escape" CD is Nature Nature’s second recording and like their first was recorded in the Blue Mountains and involved James Cadsky as engineer with Midnight Oil’s guitarist Jim Moginie as producer..

The "invitation" CD was recorded live without overdubs in the Blue Mountains using a portable recording studio by one of Sydney’s best recording engineers - James Cadsky from The Vault.


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